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Knit products to further enrich your life

SIDE SLOPE is a knit brand born in Japan.We aim to discover materials that are valuable and excellent in functionality from all over the world and to create one-and-only knitwear using outstanding knitting technology and unique ideas.

Brand Concept

Italian yarn with beautiful colors, handcrafted buttons from Nepal, yarn using unique spinning technology in China, and the delicate dyeing technology of Japan… SIDE SLOPE creates knitwear combining great technology from every corner of the world.

What we value the most is “comfort” and “essence”. Feeling comfort on your skin the moment you wear the knitwear. Feeling the essence of human beings respecting nature and enjoying life to the fullest. SIDE SLOPE offers products that deliver such personal experiences.
And the biggest feature of the brand is its design full of creativity that can be materialized only with our deep knowledge of knitting. For example, we are inspired by leftover yarn in the factory, a snippet of a knit fabric or an old knitting machine. Other moments in life such as experiences during travel, moments on a street corner and encountering different people are all important elements in inspiring the design ideas for SIDE SLOPE products.
Our job is not just to make products and sell them. We carry a sense of responsibility to inherit and communicate the passion of all the workers involved with making SIDE SLOPE’s products. It is our wish that by wearing our knitwear your life will be filled with joy and happiness and will be further enriched.

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The five categories of SIDE SLOPE
In order to clearly express our philosophies and passion for knitwear,we evolve our products in five different categories.Instead of changing our brand name for each category we changed the color of the logo,so each category is visually distinguishable by the image associated with each color.


Our signature collection representing the seasonal concept

Just liked fine wine with rich scent, the grape color BORDEAUX reflects what’s best in season. There are no strong statements in theme or detail, but that is done intentionally to make the nuance of the product to stand out more deeply.

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One and only products filled with craftsmanship

The solitary color BLACK is unwavering and will not take on any other color. It expresses the core essence of our knitwear, how we collect the best materials from around the world and combine the best skills, techniques and persistence in order to create exquisite pieces.

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Daily knitwear subtly featuring our technical skills

WHITE is innocent and pure, but also has the generosity to harmonize with anything. The WHITE collection features simple and standard design stripped off of unnecessary decorations and smooth comfortable texture that would make you want to wear it every day.

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Eco-friendly line reusing “leftover” yarn as valuable treasures

Relaxing and natural, the color GREEN reminds us of lush leaves on trees. Dead stock yarn and yarn leftover in the manufacturing process are reused to give them new life in our GREEN collection filled with innovative ideas.

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A sports lineup integrating functionality and comfort

BLUE is the color of the ocean, which is the source of life, and a color that always makes you feel refreshed. While natural fiber is frequently used for comfort, functionalities that are essential for outdoor activities and sports are reinforced with our knitwear techniques and processes.

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“It is important to visit the site to learn the essence. Once you understand the essence, you know how to express it.”

Hiroki Wakisaka

Hiroki was born in 1972. After working as a knit designer for several apparel brands, he founded his own brand SIDE SLOPE in 2005. With full knowledge of the characteristics of the materials and the knitting factory’s technical capabilities, he creates one of a kind patterns and colors, developing ideas that integrate “luxury” and “comfort”. Sometimes he even designs yarn to push the boundaries of knitwear based on new ideas. He is always seeking ways to utilize knit fabric as a tool to enhance lifestyle in general, for example in art and interior categories, not just knitwear.

Brand & Company


3, Rue du Platre(ESC A 5th Floor) 75004 Paris FRANCE
tel: +33 (0)1 42 77 18 93
e-mail: dalcerro@forward-apparel.com
Buisiness Contact: Dal Cerro Nicola (Brand Manager)
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Kitashinagawa 5-9-11 Osaki MT Building 9F
tel: +81 (0)3 5423 6451
fax: +81 (0)3 5423 6485
e-mail: sideslope@forward-apparel.com
Buisiness Contact: Motoda (Sale)、Kawakami (PR)


Address Hiroo MTR Bld. 6F Ebisu Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0013 Japan
tel: +81 (0)3 5488 6390
fax: +81 (0)3 5488 6396
Founded 1980/4 (SIDE SLOPE established in 2005)
Officer President Hiroki Wakisaka
Director  Takao Motoda