About Care

Taking care of your favorite knitwear at home is a must if you wish to wear the piece for many years to come. If you learn a few tips, the care is not difficult at all. Here are the most basic tips you can use in three different situations: after wearing, when washing and when storing.

Daily care

After wearing

If you have worn the knitted garment for a full day, always brush the knit before storing in your closet or chest drawer. Brushing will remove the small dust and dirt, and untangle any fabric knots to prevent pilling/balling.

If pilling/balling occurs

Pilling and balling are inevitable if your clothes are made of knitted fabric. These pillings can be easily removed by using a pilling remover brush. Also, it is wise to rest your knitted clothes for a few days after you have worn it and avoid continuous use. Pay attention and take caution so that friction is not caused by your bag, washing and wearing a knit piece over another knit piece.


Moisture can cause mold and moth holes. Make sure to remove moisture before storing your knit garment in your closet or chest drawer. Do not hang your knitwear as the fabric will stretch over time.


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Storage during off seasons

After removing stain and dirt by washing at home or cleaning at the dry cleaners, make sure to dry your garment well before storage. If your garment came back wrapped in vinyl after the dry cleaners, remove it to prevent moisture. Place moth repellents on top of your garment.