About Repair

Because we want our customers to wear their favorite knitwear for many years, Side Slope provides repair service for our products in case your sweater may be pulled and torn, have moth holes, or damaged while they were being worn or stored. If your product was purchased at Side Slope, our services are free of charge and your product will be returned after approximately one month after we have received the product. *Shipping fee to be borne by customer when sending the product.

What can be repaired

What can be repaired

Regular holes, Moth holes, Pulls, Fraying, Missing linking, Snags, Broken or missing button, Damage to knitwear accessories

  • Holes may not be repaired depending on its size
  • Buttons may not be repair if we are out of stock
  • If same yarn is not available, there may be slight difference in the finished color

What cannot be done

Size adjustments such as making the item shorter, Removal of dirt and stain, Repair of holes that are too big

How to request for repair

  • 1. Please contact us by phone or email, and give us details on the part that needs repair. Attachment of a photo in your email will be very helpful.

    Email: sidesloperepair@forward-apparel.com
    TEL: 03-5423-6451(Up Hill Dept., Forward Apparel Company)
  • 2. After receiving your request, we will confirm if repair can be made, and get back to you. We will reply even if we cannot fulfill your request.
  • 3. If repair can be done, please send the product to the following address. We ask for your kind cooperation to pay for the shipping fee.

    Shipping address:
    Side Slope Repair Service, Up Hill Dept.
    Forward Apparel Company
    Osaki MT Bldg. 9F, 5-9-11 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan
  • 4. It will take approximately one month for the repair to be completed. The product will be returned to you with complimentary shipping.