In Mongolia

May 30,2015 Report

SIDE SLOPE introduce a lot of Cashmere items in Autumn and winter 2015.
Cashmere is known as high quality material, having soft smooth touch and warm. But did you know that Cashmere is made of Cashmere goat’s hair which live in Mongolia.
Beginning of May 2015, Designer Wakisaka visited Mongolia still covered by snow.
About 3 hours driving from Ulan Bator the capital city of the Mongolia, there was the vast grassy plains.
He saw many livestock such as Cashmere goats, sheep and yaks moving with ger (Mongolian traditional tent) .
Glassy plain is in dry climate and cold highlands.
Sometimes it gets minus 40 degrees in winter.
Cashmere goats have to bare such a severe cold.
That is why their hair is long and thin.
This high quality hair is going to be light warm smooth knitwear.
Cashmere goats which live in great nature are small and we only can get a very few Cashmere from one goat.
We need four goats to make a 100% Cashmere pullover because We only use downy hair from inside.
We hope you enjoy our Cashmere for long time.
We would like you try our good and safe quality knitwear.
We are particular about every details not only materials.
Wakisaka wishes that with travelling around the globe.